social distancing remain in place

Covid 19

Now updated: ​Sep 2021

As large areas of Australia remain locked down and the threat to Queensland remains ever present it is important to stay vigilant. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic still present a significant risk to our freedom with further outbreaks and lockdowns are a real possibility.

An ongoing call to practice social distancing remains in place for all Australians for the foreseeable future.
That being said, Smoke alarm maintenance remains a vital service for Australians and the current Government restrictions do not prevent technicians from entering homes to ensure smoke alarms are working correctly.
Pandemic or not, essential safety services such as smoke alarm compliance still need to occur, The duty of care that landlords and real estate agents have to ensure tenanted properties are safe for habitation and adhere to government legislative requirements remain.

At Smoke Alarm Compliance QLD we have implemented a series of procedures to ensure the safety of our staff, clients and tenants.

All employees have received relevant training (completion of the COVID Safe training)

Our technicians minimise the amount of time spent in a property and maintain social distancing wherever possible.

Smoke alarm technicians have been equipped with scalable measures such as disposable gloves and masks as an option if the circumstances arise for an inspection.

Team members receive regular updates and awareness on no good hygiene principles and social distancing measures as provided by the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee

Technical staff will not complete smoke alarm checks in properties where the tenants present with flu like symptoms.